Who can believe that there is no soul behind
those luminous eyes! - Gautier


                                                                          Welcome To Paws And Reflect 
Are you in need of compassionate professional advice about 'what to do' when your pet has passed away?.Or are you preparing for the best possible outcome for when this does happen?

This is a specialist funeral service for all animals. Your animal friend is treated with the respect that he/she deserves. 
Our aim is to provide a dignified burial or cremation, with a ‘pet/personal ceremony,at your request, as a fitting act of farewell.
(Note: We do not own a Pet Cemetery)

We are the only service that offers the SAME DAY RETURN OF YOUR PETS ASHES.
We know waiting for up to 10 days for the return of your beloved pets ashes can be too long to wait. Our 'code of practice' and ethical standards are very high, therefore we ensure individual pet burial or cremation.
It is important for you to know  that your pet’s remains are treated with the same concern and care that you gave your pet during their life.
We are here to help with :   Collection,Transport, Cremation, and/or  Ceremony ..For Burial please search browser.
                                                 Grief and Pet Loss Resources.

 Please feel free to text us if the matter is urgent  - or call for information, so we may assist you . No obligaton-free advice.
Call Mobile: Caroline 0408 366 341
Email: pawsandreflectpetfunerals@hotmail.com  
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Love me, Love my dog - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux


Hello my name is Caroline I have been conducting a variety of ceremonies for over 10 years, having studied The History, Nature And Development Of Ceremony. 
I feel  a close affinity with all animals and like many people who  have made deep connections with animals (sometimes more than with other humans like I do,). I felt the need to go one step further and really honour these animals in a better way rather than leaving them at the vet clinic

I have had the pleasure of caring for many different animals. Horses,cows,a goat named 'Dolly' ,at one time ducks,geese,chickens and lizards-many dogs and cats. Every single one worthy of a dignified goodbye and my sincere gratitude.
In 1995 I was given a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy that changed my relationship with animals. His name was Monk. He was an incredible canine. A peaceful, loving and quiet male, whose presence had a calming effect on everyone that met him. Monk touched so many lives and  was a soul mate. He was not just a pet! Unfortunately he passed away on my birthday in 2010. He was near 15 yrs old. To this day, the waves of grief can still come  unexpectedly.
This service has been created in response to the gratitude I feel for the 15 years Monk shared my life.

In 1994 I trained in a spiritual modality to help animals pass over. Regardless of what faith you may hold sending your pets spirit to a peaceful place is harmless.
May we live long so we may remember them long!



A dog naps so much because it loves so hard - anon


The debate on euthanasia doesn’t seem to include animals. A train of thought is that the animal is ‘put out of their misery.’ A preferred option for this sometimes-traumatic moment, is to ask your vet to come to your home, where the pet feels comfortable with less stress.

Euthanasia is fast. You really need time to reflect, spending time with your pet before this ultimate action, as it can really create a sense of shock and disbelief. This is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make therefore having a clear discussion with your vet about the pets prognosis is the most
vital conversation you can have at this time
Are we  ever ready to make that final decision? Yes,we are- from love and compassion we can decide  not to prolong any more suffering within our pet.

There are different opinions and beliefs about this issue, ultimately it is your beliefs and opinions that will support your decision .
Another difficult decision will come soon after your pets passing; whether to cremate or bury your pet. Nothing can take away your sadness; however, your choice will hopefully make you feel that you have given your all to this loyal friend.

Our service can provide you with peace of mind. Before  collection of your pet we can discuss your requirements.

We Recommend-Dr Aish Ryan-Home Visit Veterinarian.0433 687 838 www.vetsathome.com.au



You can't own a cat. The best you
can do is be partners - Sir Harry Swanson


Collection of your beloved pet is from home or veterinary clinic in our comfortable station wagon. Your pet will be carefully  wrapped in their own blanket,then placed within a unique silk body bag. Placed on a soft bed in the Paws And Reflect Pet Funeral Services station wagon.
We will be with your pet all day until we return to their ashes to you.

 Transport to and from the selected cremation facility is approximately a  260 kms return trip from Melbourne CBD, 2 hours and 30 mins. This is  the closest cremation facility to Melbourne . There is only one Pet Cemetery operating at this time 2015. It is near Pakenham.

Your pet is individually accompanied from the moment of collection,transport, cremation/burial,  to return of your beloved pets  ashes  on the same day.

If we are conducting a Funeral Ceremony we can travel to the cemetery on the same day as the pets passing.

 We will endeavour to make this experience for you as stress free as possible, given the sadness you will feel.




I love cats because I enjoy my home and little by
little, they become it's visible soul - Jean Cocteau


Cremations take place individually and the provider of this service shares our respect for deceased pets..

You will be notified by phone of exact time of cremation.Cremation can take upto 2 hours  depending on the size of your  pet.

Only single animals can be placed in the cremation chamber.
We  wait while your pet is being cremated with a candle burning as a symbol of the light and spirit of the animal respectfully purified.

Your pets ashes will be placed in a new scatter tin, as we recommend you source your own choice of urn or box.
We recommend www.petcremationurns.com.au   for beautiful, affordable receptacles.

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Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our lives whole - Cara


We do not own a pet cemetery.

If you require your pet to be buried we can no longer recommend any Pet Cemeteries as there are no longer any operational because they are full to capacity.

Many distressed clients call us about burial  unfortunately we can no longer provide help with burials unless you are interested in a burial site 3 hours drive from Melbourne.

Animalia Pet Cemetery in Bacchus Marsh has ceased taking new burials for the time being but can still be visited 7 days a week.



A meow massages the heart - Stuart McMillan


The death of a pet is one of the most ignored events in society, and yet it is one of the most profound losses we can ever experience. A ceremony celebrates thier life, and offers you and your community an opportunity to explore and express your grief in a way meaningful to you.

If you decide to have a ceremony for your pet we will discuss your preferences. A eulogy can be created with our help and a special ceremony conducted at your home or the pet cemetery. At the cemetery family and friends can be present to farewell your pet with a viewing and procession if requested. You may like to tell me some of the stories you have about your pet, and show some treasured photos. We will also offer you resource material, co-creating the text with you.

This ceremony highlights the fact that pets are family members and honouring a family member is what we do because we love them.

An altar is individually  created for your pet with flowers, candles and incense.

Note: Children are very attached to their pets so we offer special guidance on how to involve children in a ceremony to help them through the grieving process.



Kindness and compassion toward all living things is
the mark of a civilised society - Cesar Chavez


EXCLUSIVE SAME DAY RETURN OF PETS ASHES. from-$340.00.upto $550.00.depending on location and size of pet.
Includes-Individual Collection of Beloved Pet in Silk Body Bag,Transport from Melbourne to Cremation facility- 90 mins,
Cremation Approx:.2 hours, Return  of ashes , New Scatter Tin, Cremation Certificate.(without ceremony).

Note - A collection on a Sunday may incur an extra fee.

If you are in the Mornington area or Dandenong area I recommend you call Pearly Mates as they are located on that side of town.

FAREWELL CEREMONY. Written text. Ritual Elements and tools provided.Performed at Pet Cemetery or home. $150.00



A dog has the soul of a philospher - Plato



Memorial Products.

Cherubs Carpentry and Joinery (caskets) Rob 0418889522
Pet Caskets Of Distinction -and Exhumation. Ashton  0417 336 500.
Keepsake Impressions-Paw Moulds-Jenny 0404 029 401




An animal's eye have the power to speak a
great language - Martin Buber


      Testimonials.                                                    .

Sebastian.16th January,2011.
Thank you, for your service. I had spoken to other cremation services and instantly knew that you would be respectful and supportive of my request. On behalf of animal lovers everyhere. Thank you. Antonella Caruso

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Abbi, . 9 years old..

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sensitive and respectful way you conducted the cremation of our darling Abbi. 
It really was our good fortune, or karma, to find someone who so perfectly matched our requirements. 
From the moment I spoke to you on the phone, to the considered, tender collection of Abbi, to keeping us in touch at the commencement of the ceremony, I felt a calmness and comfort knowing we had made the right choice.    
 She meant the world to us and so did your empathetic treatment to farewell her.
   Pam Oka and Family..

Lemon..2 yrs old.It's amazing what you do and I cant thank you enough.Just to know someone was there with Lemon.
                                                     You have made a very difficult time much easier
.                         Nicky Holt.
Lucie. 16 yrs old.
Thankyou for all that you are doing to help the little ones and the people.With loving thoughts.Margaret Grace.

Buddy.12 yrs.
Your respect and kindness to Buddy has given him "the best send off"-we could have hoped for!The Wilkens.

..16 yrs old.Thankyou for your kindness and compassion.Your sensitive handling and intuitive understanding gave us much comfort and some closure with Lady's passing.




Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms - George Elliot


GoGo-.15 yrs old.Thankyou you for your beautiful message and flowers.I got very emotional again after I saw them.Thanks again for all your help with 'Go' you made this process so much easier and we are all very appreciative.All the best.Carmen

Gizmo.  14 yrs old.Thankyou for taking my bubs so beautifully and keeping me informed.Anne Roberts

Max .12 yrs old.Thank you very much Caroline, for bringing our dear Max home.God Bless You.Jorge Fallas.

Titus. ,15 yrs old.Thankyou for taking the time to speak with me.I am so glad I came across you and your service and the fact you understood about my
15 yr old beautiful baby boy staffy Titus.Sharon.




Our perfect companions never have fewer
than four feet - Colette


My Monk- 'The Legend'. He is buried at Animalia Pet Cemetery.Bacchus Marsh.

Memories Of Monk
Monk. He was a very very special and unique dog, so dignified and proud, self assured and good looking. cuddly, loyal, etc etc - wow if you could get a partner half as good as Monk - you would be blessed/lucky. He had a wonderful life with you - lucky dog.
Marian Doyle

That monkey was loved by so many, he was in more conversations than any dog I had met, my friends would ask about you and imminently Monk or vise-versa. You are in my thoughts all the time.
Leslie Montgomery




The greatest love is a mother's;
then a dog's; then a sweetheart's - Polish Proverb


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The Age Newspaper-Monday 30th July 2012

I was mis quoted as 'chanting throughout the cremation of a pet". I do not chant unless it is requested.